Digité, Inc. Unveils RISHI-XAI – The World’s First XAI (eXplainable AI) Product for Enterprise Project Intelligence


6th March 2019Bengaluru, India  – Digité, Inc. a technology leader in Lean/ Agile Application Lifecycle Management Products, today announced the launch of RISHI – the world’s first XAI (eXplainable Artificial Intelligence) enabled product for large enterprises.

RISHI is Digité’s next generation XAI-enabled Enterprise Project Intelligence product that caters to CXOs, Delivery Heads, PMOs and other decision makers. It combines a knowledge system crafted from Digité’s extensive domain experience in IT, a cutting edge Machine Learning (ML) system and eXplainable AI. It enables users to track and predict project performance and take informed corrective actions using what-if analysis.

Most project management products in the market show the rear view mirror perspective of projects through performance indicators using standard descriptive analytics. RISHI, on the other hand, goes much further by qualifying and quantifying the factors causing performance deviations and predicting their progress into the future.

RISHI’s design has an innovative automated pipeline that provides decision makers “data provenance” (data traceability) and visibility into “feature engineering” enabling  “Root Cause Analysis (RCA)” into the factors affecting project performance. These help them understand the deviations in key indicators that drive enterprise success.

“One of the fundamental problems of adopting AI/ML at scale is that the current generation of black box-AI products do a very poor job of explaining results to the end user. Keeping that in mind, we have built RISHI with eXplainable AI (XAI) capabilities to effectively drive AI adoption within the enterprise,” said A.V. Sridhar, CEO & Co-founder of Digité, Inc.

eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) – the ability to describe how a machine learning algorithm arrives at a prediction/ forecast/ recommendation in an understandable manner, is an integral part of the third-wave of AI which is under active research by various organizations around the world. Digité finds this relevant to the IT industry, as humans are the ultimate decision makers and need to closely interact with the results of AI/ML algorithms that are ubiquitously deployed.

Expanding on it further, Mr. Sridhar said, “Using RISHI, enterprises will be able to leverage the vast amounts of data that their project delivery and other operational systems already contain – and gain dramatic capability to predict likely deviations in critical success parameters of projects and programs, perform what-if analysis of several corrective actions – and then implement the most effective options to bring the projects and programs back on track and improve profitability .”

He also said, “RISHI-XAI is now available. We have several customers evaluating it to run pilot programs in their organizations for wider implementation.  We have been talking to the CXO’s of our existing and prospective customers for several months – and there is a lot of excitement about the potential impact of this technology on the bottom line!”

To learn more about RISHI-XAI, please contact [email protected] or visit https://www.digite.com/rishi

About Digité Inc :

Digité Inc. is a leading provider of Enterprise Project Intelligence Solutions. Digité’s RISHI-XAI solution is targeted towards technology organizations such as Corporate IT, IT Services/ Outsourcing and IT Consulting companies to get insights into the execution of programs and projects like never before.  Digité’s Swift suite of products include SwiftEnterprise and SwiftSync  to deliver web-based, integrated, collaborative, large project/ program management solutions. SwiftKanban is Digité’s industry-leading Lean/ Kanban tool being used by Corporate IT worldwide. SwiftEASe, is a powerful, easy to use visual management tool for scaled agile (specifically SAFe®) initiatives

Digité, Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs. It is headquartered in Cupertino, California with offices in US, UK and India. It has customers in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Over 900,000 users use Digité products worldwide. Some of the leading global brands such as Amazon, Cognizant Technologies, Continental, Faurecia, Infosys, L&T, NTT, Telecom-Italia, United Healthcare, Virtusa, Vodafone, Wincor-Nixdorf, Wipro and many more… use Digité products

These users come from a wide range of industries including Consulting, Professional Services and Enterprise IT organizations as well as several vertical industries including Automotive, Financial Services, Public Sector, Hi-tech and Telecommunications.

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