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Top 5 Criteria To Consider While Choosing A Kanban App

Looking for a Kanban app? Here are the key features to consider while shortlisting one for your team. Our Marketing Manager Nishanth Mittu shows you how to narrow down your choices!

Kanban App

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Why Kanban May Not Be Working for You and How to Fix That

Is it difficult to manage your board for daily/ repetitive tasks using Kanban? How to manage tasks that are stuck for approval? Zuheb SM addresses some of the common issues that most teams face with Kanban.

Kanban Board

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Essential SAFe 4.0 – How is it different from SAFe 4.0?

Unclear about Essential SAFe? Get a comprehensive picture on Essential SAFe 4.0! Our SAFe product manager Anshuman Singh explains how Essential SAFe helps as an entry point for scaling Agile in your organization!

Essential Safe 4.0

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Managing Outliers to Improve Cycle Time in Kanban

Wouldn’t it be great if you could identify potential outliers among the cards that are still on the board – and proactively reduce cycle time? Our SwiftKanban Product Owner Priyank Parekh talks about a new feature in SwiftKanban that helps you identify cards about to enter the “danger zone”!

Cycle Time In Kanban

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Product Update

SwiftKanban January Feature Update!

In the January update of SwiftKanban, we launched several new features. We introduced the To-do Board that helps you visualize, monitor, and manage all to-dos spread across all cards in your Kanban board. The I-Form editor got a new look!

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