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Using Kanban in Marketing

Gone are the days of long-running marketing campaigns! Modern marketing teams need to be data-driven, responsive and rapidly adaptive to the signals they are getting from their audience. In other words, they MUST be Agile. Kshipra Bhat, our Social Media geek explains how we Kanban to stay agile.

Kanban In Marketing

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Turbo Charge Your Personal Kanban With GTD

Personal Kanban and GTD (Getting Things Done) are two great personal productivity tools for getting organized and effective and everything you do. Combined, and done right, the two can get you an explosive jump in personal productivity! Digité Product Manager Anshuman Singh and SVP, Head of Consulting, Sudipta Lahiri, tell you how you can do this in this bog post.

Personal Kanban With Gtd

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How to Know if Kanban is Right for Your Team?

You’ve got the best performers in your team, yet they falter. You set reasonable deadlines for work to be completed, yet those deadlines are missed. You have heard of Kanban and you wonder if it is the right solution for your problems. Mahesh Singh, Digité co-founder and SVP, Marketing wrote this guest post to help managers decide if Kanban is right for their teams.


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Unravelling SAFe’s PI Planning

“There is no magic in SAFe except maybe for PI Planning” So what does PI (Program Increment) Planning in SAFe mean? Anshuman Singh, our SAFe Product Manager, gives a brief overview on SAFe’s PI Planning.

Safe's Pi Planning

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Product Update

SwiftKanban – Product Update Feb-March 2017!

Manage your Lead Time performance better! Track your To-Do’s more effectively. The February-March updates of SwiftKanban introduce several new cool and powerful capabilities for you. For more details check: SwiftKanban Product Update- February & March 2017

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