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This month’s newsletter features Story Points, Estimates and Due Dates. And a decent primer on the ever controversial, at least in the Agile Software development world, #noestimates movement 🙂



Story Points Revisited

Does your team spend a significant amount of time on Estimation? If yes, do you think you could reply to this email with your process? Meanwhile, here’s Ron Jeffries (of XP fame!) recommending that estimation, in points or time, be avoided.

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Estimation is (necessary) Waste, Reduce it!

Lean thinking tells us that any activity that does not add value to the final product is non-value. Non-value added activities need to be gradually reduced and eventually eliminated through Continuous Improvement initiatives. In this article, Sudipta Lahiri shares why it’s imperative that you need to gradually move away from Estimation.

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Due Dates in Kanban

Agile teams advocated against Due Dates because they tend to drive wrong behavior and subvert quality. On the other hand, an absence of Due Dates can lead some teams’ throughput to drop. Here’s Sudipta Lahiri showing you how Kanban could help.

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Malcolm Isaacs on the origins, arguments, and thought leaders behind the movement.

That’s all from us this month. Hope you liked these articles.

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