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Artificial Intelligence is impacting all industries. Everyone seems to be talking about Machine Learning nowadays (check ‘ML’ on Google Trends). And our realm of Project Management and Software Development finds itself right in the middle of all these exciting changes and new possibilities.

This month’s newsletter takes a look at AI in Software, Testing and Project Management, and we end with an article asking if AI systems should be interrogated.Ai In Software

The Impact of AI in Software Testing

AI’s influence on software development and automated testing grows with each passing day. If you have spent any time in software development in the last two decades, you might remember the days when manual testing was the norm. Not anymore! Here’s Sunita Vyas on how AI will impact software testing.

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AI in Project Management

The rules of the game are constantly changing, and businesses must adapt to this fast-changing world to be on the forefront of the competition. For companies that work on projects regularly, AI-based solutions can increase productivity and reduce errors drastically. This article, by Bhaskar S, summarizes how AI will aid Project Management.

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AI-powered Tools Revolutionizing Software Development

AI has touched every aspect of the software development life-cycle. In this article, Juned Ghanchi lists out various ways AI and ML can help us develop and maintain code better and posits that we’re not too far away from AI-as-a-Service being ubiquitous.

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Given the variety and weight of the decisions AI is involved in making (and we already seem to be treating AI as a person in our everyday speech and writing), would it make sense to ensure that AI systems be automatically audited? Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, asks the question.

Kanban vs SAFe®

We’re doing a webinar with Travis Birch of Berteig, where he will review the similarities and differences between Kanban and SAFe® and how they help organizations move along the path to Real Agility at a large scale. Join us on August 14th, 2019 at 10:30AM EST. It’s free to register!.

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How Agile Are We?

We conducted a webinar recently with Shuman Ip of LoyaltyOne describing how they created a dashboard that showed real improvements in business agility and a more meaningful contribution to business outcomes and the management of risk. Watch the recording here.

That’s all from us this month. Hope you liked these articles. Feedback, questions, all welcome!

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