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A recent study reported that 37% of the developers they surveyed used Scrum, 21% had an Agile-waterfall hybrid and 20% used Kanban. Another interesting finding was that the adoption of Scrum, Kanban and other Agile methods increased with the amount of overall experience the developer had in software development. (1)

While Agile has never been about being wedded to a particular methodology, our experience has shown us that adopting multiple parts from each method works very well. This month’s newsletter covers Scrum and Kanban and why it probably shouldn’t be one or the other.

Kanban Vs Scrum

Scrum and Kanban Revisited

We start with a short article by Mike Burrows where he addresses whether combining Kanban principles and practices with the Scrum Framework will enhance collaboration across agile teams.

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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum

Scrum and Kanban have many similarities – both are Pull-based systems and prescribe limiting WIP. But, there are many differences as well. Here’s Dave White with an excellent piece on the differences between Kanban and Scrum.

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How do you “do” Scrumban?

In the simplest level, Scrumban is just the application of the principles of the Kanban method on top of your Scrum processes. In this piece, Mahesh Singh shows you how your team can retain the tenets of Scrum and “work in a Kanban way”.

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That’s all from us this month. Before we go, here are some articles we think you might find helpful –

A short introduction to Scrumban by Mahesh Singh
Gently down the value stream by David Rubinstein discusses the importance of teams and companies mapping their own value streams to gain visibility into their processes.
5 Misconceptions About Kanban by Jenny Stewart and Melvin Perez of Construx explores some common misconceptions about Kanban and what role Kanban might play in your organization.

(1) https://www.slashdata.co/free-resources/developer-economics-state-of-the-developer-nation-16th-edition

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