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As we move slowly but steadily towards business and economic recovery, we can’t help but acknowledge the impact that last year had on us, and our organizations. For most of us it was a massive learning experience, as we adapted to new techniques of working and implemented new ideologies at work. Thanks to various such practices, it is safe to say that the impact hasn’t been as adverse as was feared initially.

In this month’s newsletter, we take a look at one such practice – DevOps. Amidst the lengthy conversations about how to picture DevOps – as a culture or a methodology – we bring all you need to know about it, and how it can benefit your organization.

An Introduction to DevOps

What is DevOps? How did it come into picture? What problems does it solve? Is there a thorough analysis available about DevOps? Siddharth Dutta tries to answer all these questions, and much more, in this article.

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DevOps or Lean?

Are you a believer of Lean principles and are skeptical about DevOps? In this article, Anadi Misra tells us how DevOps takes into consideration Lean principles, and isn’t really a competitor to Lean, or other Agile principles.

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How CI/ CD Helps Teams Deliver Better Software, Faster

Continuous integration and deployment is perhaps one of the most important aspects of DevOps. In this article, Marjan Venema tells us about continuous integration, and its benefits not just for better quality of work, but the organization as a whole.

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DevOps Adoption Doubles in 5 Years

The pandemic has seen us deal with unforeseen circumstances, leaving many puzzled about how to carry on with work without getting affected. This has not been the case with organizations and teams who had adopted DevOps for themselves. In this article, Joe McKendrick analyzes how adoption of DevOps has helped teams emerge out as winners from the uncertain times of the pandemic.

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5 Reasons Why DevOps Needs AI

Organizations, with more experience, have realized that DevOps, coupled with Artificial Intelligence, can work wonders. In this article, Chandra Shekhar provides an insight to the same with five reasons why DevOps and AI work together.

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