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Remote work is here to stay. However, how does one lead and motivate teams without direct in-person communication and guidance? In this month’s newsletter we share some articles that show how you can coordinate your teams’ work in a remote environment and make them more agile.

Kanban for Remote Teams

Kanban’s principles and practices offer a proven framework for organizations to combat the challenges of dealing with distributed teams. This article by Bhaskar S details how you can make use of Kanban to manage work/ tasks remotely and help organizations adapt to this change.

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Five Tips To Make Remote Teams More Agile

Agile teams thrive when they work in the same place in close-knit, self-organized groups. However, remote work has become the norm, and signs suggest it’s here to stay. Here’s Shon Dellinger with tips to make remote teams more Agile.

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Fixing What’s Broken with Remote Work

Remote working has introduced new challenges. And for businesses trying to make it part of their long term strategy, one of the key things to figure out is the technology aspect of it. In this article, Owen Hughes suggests six changes that can make remote working more effective for all of us.

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Work with MS Teams? You will love our integration with Teams. Your SwiftKanban boards are now available directly as a tab on Teams. You can add and move cards, comment, update details and more, without ever leaving Teams. Go ahead and try it for yourself!

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We’re conducting a webinar with Masa K Maeda on March 9th. Masa’s taken Kanban to numerous companies in over 10 countries and he will share some of his experiences for successful agility adoption. Do join us!

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