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Many organizations today are spending a lot of time and resources to try and create conditions for an optimal experience at work. While some teams have made the transition to ensuring ‘Flow’ in everything they take up and do, the vast majority are still stuck in the daily drudgery of whatever work is. This month’s newsletter takes a peek at innovation, agility and flow in the workplace and how each can be nurtured by every organization.

Innovation, Agility And Flow


Agility – More to it than Method?

Like in much of life, there is a serious paradox tearing at the very heart of teamwork. In today’s world, being an Agile business is not an option but an existential necessity. But, what is agility, and what actually makes a company Agile? BM Raghunath expands on this and more in this article.

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Kanban, SAFe and Innovation – Can they Co-exist?

All knowledge teams are so busy doing whatever they do that they don’t have time to breathe. We are all used to dealing with massive backlogs, inboxes and intake systems… but, in such an environment, can innovation happen? In this article, Mahesh Singh shows how Kanban and SAFe can help reduce overburdening of people in all functions, thereby giving them more time in which to think and innovate.

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The Yin-Yang of Productivity

We have two modes of thinking. One is intuitive in nature, it is emotional and acts automatically and quickly. The other is rational thinking, which is slow, deliberate and often requires significant effort. In this article, BM Raghunath wonders whether the real trick to productivity is to create an environment that allows for both these modes to occur.

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Webinar – A Token System to Manage Capacity, create Customer Pull and Deliver Value

Kanban as devised by Taiichi Ohno was based on explicit tokens. Physical kanban tokens acted as signals to synchronize different processes and keep inventory under control. However, together with the intangible nature of knowledge work, Kanban systems have become increasingly virtual and Kanban has become intangible. But, what if we bring (Kanban) tokens back to life? What if we build a token system much in the spirit of token systems that are currently used in the world of cryptocurrency?

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That’s all from us this month. Hope you liked these articles. Feedback, questions, all welcome!

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