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With the digital disruption of business models and whole industries, business executives and process owners are faced with a variety of transformation challenges. The need to ensure alignment between strategic, tactical and operational work with greater transparency and collaboration is paramount.

This month’s newsletter takes a look at Portfolio Kanban. Kanban has several key features that makes it a powerful visual Portfolio Management tool, which can help transform the enterprise into a globally optimized services delivery mechanism.

Portfolio Kanban


Portfolio Kanban for Enterprise Transformation

The need for an integrated management framework, which supports transformation taking a system-wide view, is undisputed. In this series of articles, Navin Anand discusses how Portfolio Kanban could help build a fit-for-purpose product or service, without re-inventing or replacing existing tools.

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Strategic Portfolio Management with Kanban

We conducted a webinar with Matthias Patzak, former CTO and executive advisor on agile and lean topics at DigitalSparks, on running one’s company the lean way. Matthias shows you how they as a company changed their organization’s structure and operational model with Kanban to deliver more value.

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Portfolio Lane: Revolutionizing Portfolio Kanban!

Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban provides a visual method of defining and managing portfolios in a much easier manner compared to traditional PPM tools. In this post, Priyank Parekh shows you how you can model your hierarchy and exploit the portfolio lane in SwiftKanban, and ensure you have a powerful set of tools at your disposal to implement Kanban or Scrum at scale.

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The Curious Case of Cognitive Biases

A cognitive bias is a systematic pattern of deviation and limitation in objective thinking or rationality. Individuals perceive and filter the input based on their own “subjective reality” and not the objective input. In this article, BM Raghunath touches upon 4 common biases that affect everyday work and personal life.

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That’s all from us this month. Hope you liked these articles. Feedback, questions, all welcome!

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