Strategic Portfolio Management with Kanban

Update: The webinar was held on April 11 2018, here is the recording:

Do you want to apply the principles of Kanban at the strategic level of your company? Matthias Patzak, former CTO and now an executive advisor on agile and lean topics at DigitalSparks will share his experience and give some advice on running your company the lean way.

You can learn more about Digite’s Portfolio Kanban solution here:

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Strategic Portfolio Management With Kanban

He will talk about the benefits of transparency, focus and alignment on your overall cycle time from idea to impact and the value you can create to your customers and your company.

Focus will be – How to create this transparency, focus and alignment – How to run efficient meetings with a large group of people – How to increase value for your customers while most kanban implementations focus on cycle time – How to measure success and improve your company processes

For further reading check the work of Klaus Leopold about Business Agility and Flight Levels in Kanban.

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