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In this month’s newsletter we talk about backlog grooming, the value of Upstream Kanban and why you should definitely try Kanban if you’re in Product Management.

Kanban, SAFe and Innovation – Can they Co-exist?

All knowledge teams are so busy doing whatever they do that they don’t have time to breathe. We are all used to dealing with massive backlogs, inboxes and intake systems, but in such an environment, can innovation happen? In this article, Mahesh Singh shows how Kanban and SAFe can help reduce overburdening of people in all functions, thereby giving them more time in which to think and innovate.

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How Scrum And Agile Teams Can Benefit From Kanban?

In this blog, Annette Vendelbo shares her experience of teaching and living Agile, and the various frameworks and methodologies associated with it. She also addresses the question – ‘How do you get from feeling agile to knowing that you are?’ and points to a powerful yet simple path to higher productivity and agility that need not stress or disrupt your team or organization.

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Forecasting: Asking The Right Questions For Business Agility

Forecasting in the Lean-Agile community has never had a prominent place. However, forecasts need to be made all the time for multiple stakeholders. Management needs to plan for many things – how many people do we need, of what skills, how much will it cost, etc. These are questions that do not disappear simply because teams choose to do Lean-Agile.

We did a webinar with Sudipta Lahiri where he explains how leaders can execute in a manner that not only supports Lean-Agile thinking, but also answers the above questions. Use the link below to access the recording.

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Kanban India 2020 – December 4, 5

Digité Is Sponsoring Kanban India 2020, the sixth edition of the conference which has been a vital platform to further the foundation of the Kanban Method and bringing the teachings of ‘Alternate Path to Agility’ for professionals this side of the world. Join us, it promises to be fun!

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Webinar with David Anderson: Kanban Comes Of Age!

Organizational maturity enables resilience. An ability to bounce back, to withstand setbacks, and to reinvent itself, is what this decade demands. Kanban should be at the core of our organizational design strategy in these tough economic times. We’re doing a webinar with David J Anderson where he will outline how and why the Kanban Maturity Model is the right tool to build a resilient organization, fit to take on the economic challenges that lie ahead.

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