Digité November 2021 Newsletter


AI and Machine Learning are becoming a big part of Digital Transformation initiatives in enterprises across the world. Businesses are looking to catapult to higher levels of engagement and effective communication with their customers/users with website-based chatbots becoming a popular method to do so. Chatbots can exchange text messages or employ speech synthesis and speech analysis, and act as self-service tools while also assisting real people with handling multiple conversations.

Chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand what a human wants and guide them to their desired outcome in no time. In this month’s newsletter, we take a look at chatbots, and how along with AI, chatbots can help you elevate your business.

Why You Need A Chatbot For Your Website

Chatbots have become a necessity for any website. In this article, Rupal Kaushik explains why it is so, while also listing all the basic information you need about chatbots helping your business.

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8 Reasons Why The Future Of Self-Service Are Chatbots

How have chatbots been enhancing the digital experience of customers? In this article, Jim Radzicki talks about the importance of chatbots, and why they have the brightest of futures.

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5 Types Of Chatbots That Can Aid Your Business

Chatbots are supporting companies to engage and interact with potential and existing customers 24/7. In this segment, Rupal Kaushik takes us through the different types of chatbots that are currently being used extensively.

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Creating Scalable Chatbots Using Kairon

In this article, Anitej Rao takes us through the chatbot trends of 2021, and talks about how kAIron is a catalyst for training your chatbot to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

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How KAIron Uses GPT-3 With RASA To Help Improve Chatbot Accuracy

The DSPG team at Digité Inc recently used GPT-3 to showcase a feature on kAIron, citing it as an example to create training sets on this open source application.

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Webinar – Effective Portfolio Management with Kanban

Our webinar for this month with Mahesh Singh, Co-Founder, and Avinash Rao, VP Products at Digité, provided an insight on how to effectively manage portfolios using Kanban. Watch the recording to learn about various techniques and tools on managing your portfolio better.

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In some wholesome news from across the globe, WHO launched their own chatbot to spread awareness about breast cancer. With October celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the world, WHO came up with this messaging assistant that is fluent in multiple languages.

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