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In this month’s newsletter, we’ve put together a collection of videos on SAFe® that we hope you find useful. We’re also going to be at the Global SAFe Summit in October – hope you can join us there – it’s all virtual of course!

Richard Knaster – The Magic Of PI Planning And The Program Board

There’s no magic in SAFe, except maybe for PI planning. Program Increment (PI) planning in SAFe is inarguably one of the most important events in SAFe. In fact, if you are not doing it, you are not ‘doing’ SAFe®. In this video, Richard Knaster, SAFe Fellow and Author, shares his perspectives on PI planning.

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Luke Hohmann – Business Agility & Adapting To Change With SAFe 5.0

Organizations have understood that they need to transform in order to survive. However, their existing business models, organizational hierarchy and technology infrastructure simply cannot keep up with how quickly they need to adapt. In this video, Luke Hohmann shows you how Business Agility lets you capitalize on emerging opportunities by empowering you to make quick decisions, and align the right people to do the work.

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Dean Leffingwell – 3 Key Factors In Successful SAFe Implementations

In this video, Dean Leffingwell, Co-founder and Chief Methodologist at Scaled Agile, Inc., shares his personal experiences on what it really takes to achieve the full business benefits of a SAFe implementation. He also highlights the three critical “must do’s” that ultimately determine the success of a digital transformation with SAFe.

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Vikas Kapila – Is Portfolio Management changing as we know it?

The more resilient an enterprise, the better placed it is to cope with a variety of risks and challenges. But to become resilient, one needs to have faced setbacks & learned from them. And to remain resilient, it needs to stay aware of its own vulnerabilities and avoid complacency. In this video, Vikas Kapila shares tips and tools an Enterprise can use to stay aware of changing market conditions, identify its vulnerabilities and build a sense of danger to thrive in the emerging Digital Age.

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Also, if you’re looking for a tool to help you implement SAFe in your organization, take a look at SwiftEASe. It supports all levels of SAFe, helps distributed ARTs & Teams in Visual Work Hierarchy modeling, PI Planning, Lean Budgeting and Portfolio-level Analytics; is completely visual and is built from the ground up for SAFe.

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The Global SAFe Summit Oct 27-28

We’re supporting the 2020 Global SAFe Summit to be held on October 27 and 28, 2020. It’s a virtual conference, and promises to be two days of a lot of learning and interaction with other leaders, consultants and executives like you. Do join us.

Details here!

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