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Achieving Flow in your teams’ work – and in fact the overall organization – has been gaining ground over the last several years. Adopting Lean and Flow principles has become integral to using the Kanban Method, Value Stream Management as well as in Scaled Agile methods such as SAFe, and is being seen clearly as a significant catalyst to achieving Organizational/ Business Agility. With the recent 5.1 release, SAFe(R) has fully integrated Flow metrics which have long been espoused by the Kanban community.

At Digité, we have been involved with helping organizations improve Flow, maximize throughput and reduce lead-time to market for over a decade. In this month’s newsletter, we decided to share some of our top blog posts and webinars that look at different aspects of Flow and how Flow can be dramatically beneficial to your team and organization. We hope these will help you in your own Agile initiatives.

Achieving Flow – Crucial In Futbol, Life – And In Knowledge Work!

The importance of having Flow at work and in life cannot be stressed upon enough. What is Flow? How is it beneficial for your team? In this article, Mahesh Singh, Co-Founder and CMO of Digité, explains it all, while also citing examples from soccer!

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Finding Flow In Work During Times With No Flow

The post-Covid ‘normal’ seems to be here in a never-ending loop. It makes it all the more important to have Flow at work. In this article, Siddharth Dutta discusses this, along with different methods to achieve Flow.

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The Flow State

Part of a series of blog posts by Raghunath Basavanahalli, Business Head at Digité, this article explores the possibilities and techniques to create an environment to achieve optimal working conditions, thus increasing productivity.

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Flow Efficiency: A Great Metric You Probably Aren’t Using

Flow Efficiency examines working time and waiting time – thereby establishing itself as the metric which helps you monitor your productivity. In this article, Julia Wester talks about the importance of Flow Efficiency metric, how to calculate it, and improve it in a Kanban system.

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The Yin-Yang Of Productivity

The idea of “Thinking Fast and Slow” brings together two different modes of thinking – intuitive and rational. Coined by Daniel Kahneman, it paves the way to the concept of Flow, be it in work, or in general life. In this article, Raghunath Basavanahalli, Chief Business Officer, at Digité, takes us through the entire theory, breaking it down further.

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Flow – The Secret Sauce For Business Agility

In this webinar, Sudipta Lahiri, Head of Engineering and Products at Digité, Inc. speaks about how Digité’s Kanban offering – SwiftKanban, helps your team achieve Flow using various Kanban metrics.

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Webinar – Increasing the Efficiency of Agile Transformations.

Masa K Maeda, Senior Agile Coach and founder, Valueinnova LLC, will talk about his personal experiences to increase efficiency during Agile transformations. The talk combines diverse elements and focus on continuous improvement at the process level as well as the human-aspect level.

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