Teaching and Coaching Agility without Agile Methods

The proliferation of Agility across the organization and across industries has led to somewhat of a methodological jungle: we have agile development methods inspired on iterative development; methods inspired on Lean, Theory of Constraints and (complex) systems thinking; we have methods that address scaling; methods that address start-up and growth; methods that address self-management; and even methods that combine other methods.

But, where does this all leave the practitioner? While there is value in having different perspectives, there are also obvious drawbacks when the different perspectives cannot be integrated. At “best” it leads to wasteful methodological discussions with little room for sharing experiences and insights, at worst it leads to islands of agility that only reinforce organizational silos. But, how do you get out of the Agile methods and practices trap? How do you change the discussion from “agile transformation”- a one-off process with “agile” as an end-point, to bootstrapping business agility – a process of continuous adaptation and renewal?

This webinar, by Patrick Steyaert, addresses this and more.


Patrick SteyaertPatrick Steyaert is an integrative thinker and change agent, working with organizations to establish flow in knowledge work to improve agility and predictability in the context of innovation and change. He is a Lean Kanban University trainer and coach and regular speaker at international conferences. Patrick is also the winner of the 2015 Brickell-Key award for his work on Discovery Kanban, a recognition of an exceptional contribution to the Kanban community. He is the founder of Okaloa, a coaching and training company whose main purpose is to help customers bring more “flow” in their organization. He is the developer of Okaloa Flowlab, a set of board play simulations to experience flow.

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