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My Big Fat Indian-American Thanksgiving – Kanban To The Rescue!

My Big Fat Indian-American Thanksgiving – Kanban to the Rescue!

Thanksgiving each year is a big occasion for our family and friends – to get together and eat, drink and be merry – and of course, be grateful for what we have! Yet, right before that, during the days leading up to it, there is a sense of angst that builds up as one question occupies the hosts’ – and the rest of the people cooking (we always do it Potluck) – mind – “What shall be the menu for the Big Day??!!”

Implementing Kanban? Start With Yourself!

Implementing Kanban? Start with Yourself!

While Kanban is an evolutionary (non-disruptive) change management process, the fact is that it requires a change in organizational and management practices and behavior that can be daunting.  The best place to begin that change is at a personal level.  We are deeply honored to have Jim Benson – the father of Personal Kanban – write a guest blog for us that emphasizes precisely that and helps you get started!

Why We Hate Process

Why We Hate Process

Process improvement (PI) specialists have historically dealt with the challenge of implementing PI initiatives in any organization – especially the resistance to change from the people impacted by the change. Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of great folks at Adobe, where among other people, we met Devin Rickard who is responsible for that exact same task at Adobe.

Visualizing Cycles In Kanban

Visualizing Cycles in Kanban

At a training session in Kitchener Waterloo, Canada. I was asked how to visualize and handle cycles in a Kanban board. The images below show a way to do it as a physical board and on an electronic board such as Swift Kanban. Tickets within a cycle move from left to right, from one column to the next until and cycle back as many times as necessary and once done they move to the Done column at the the end of the cycle. Note that columns inside the cycle can contain their own Done columns.

Digite Announces Availability Of Swift-Kanban V 1.4.5

Digite Announces Availability of Swift-Kanban v 1.4.5

We are back with some new and exciting feature updates to Swift-Kanban. In this release, we have strengthened the support of SCRUM in Swift-Kanban with Time-Tracking capability, Burndown and velocity charts and the much-awaited tablet interface for Swift-Kanban. Here’s a quick peek into the new features that you can experience.

Kanban – Evolutionary Or Revolutionary?!

Kanban – Evolutionary or Revolutionary?!

One of the key benefits that David Anderson, the renowned Kanban thought-leader and father of the Kanban Method for software development highlights about Kanban is that it is evolutionary and not revolutionary.  That is to say, it does not introduce a humongous new set of processes in an organization and cause massive disruption like traditional methods have tended to do.

Kanban Says Pull, Don´t Push

Kanban says PULL, don´t PUSH

Kanban says PULL, don’t PUSH – and folks, the discussion is not even about Bullying!

Effort Tracking With Kanban

Effort Tracking with Kanban

Software development using Kanban principles has not focused on Effort Tracking (though there hasn’t been a strong position against the same). At Digité, we were practitioners of Iterative Software Development. As part of this process, we emphasized on Daily Effort Tracking (time filing) for several reasons:

Participating In Lssc11: Lean On The Rise

Participating in LSSC11: Lean on the Rise

Digite participated in the recently completed LSSC11 (Lean Software & Systems Conference 2011), an event focussed on Lean Software Development, in beautiful Long Beach, California.

Join The Kanban Conversations!

Join the Kanban Conversations!

It has been an exciting 3 weeks since we launched the GA release of SwiftKanban.  Clearly, Kanban for software development and IT teams is being seen as the elusive weapon that promises to take Agile to the enterprise.  From the volume of queries and the common themes of the inquiries, it is clear Agile practitioners know what they are looking for and will be demanding the right solution to help them make the transition to being an Agile enterprise.

Kanban And Offshore Development

Kanban and Offshore Development

Originally Published by David J. Anderson.

Digité Enterprise V 6.4 Is Released

Digité Enterprise v 6.4 is Released

Digité Enterprise, v 6.4 is Released with Smarter Project Financial and Efficient Resource Planning. Digite, Inc., a provider of leading-edge Agile ALM and Kanban tools, has announced the availability of the latest version of its flagship product, Digité Enterprise, v 6.4 in both SaaS as well as On-Premise versions.

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