Kanban in Procurement – Customer Case Study

We are very honored to publish another case-study on the successful use of SwiftKanban for improvement of Procurement Process for the Brazilian organization Poiesis. The presentation shared in this post was prepared and presented by Clarinha Prado, a consultant with Gigante Consultoria, Brazil.  Clarinha has over 20 years of Business Analysis and IT consulting experience in a variety of fields, especially the financial sector. Thank you, Clarinha, for this excellent presentation!

Poiesis is a non-governmental organization in São Paulo, Brazil which promotes socio-cultural and educational development, focused on project management in cultural spaces.

Poiesis’ procurement process faced challenges such as lack of transparency, delays in the procurement process, lack of understanding of business rules, among others.  They engaged Gigante Consultoria, where Clarinha works, to help make improvements to its Procurement Process.

After an initial analysis of the challenges faced, Gigante decided on the use of Kanban to help them improve the overall procurement process.  In Phase 1, they implemented a physical Kanban system; in Phase 2, after an exhaustive comparison of several electronic Kanban tools, they selected SwiftKanban to automate the Kanban system.

The presentation below outlines their journey:

Kanban for Procurement – A SwiftKanban Customer Case Study from Mahesh Singh

In case you have any questions, you can write to us for Clarinha’s contact information at [email protected]! Thank you, Clarinha for an excellent presentation.  If you are interested in hearing the story directly from Clarinha, please let join us for an interactive webinar with Clarinha that we plan to do shortly. Do let us know.


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