Digite announces Strategic Partnership with Benson Consulting for LeanNow™


Digité, Inc., a leading provider of Lean/ Agile ALM tools and solutions, including SwiftKanban and Digité Enterprise, today announced the launch of a partnership with Benson Consulting, headquartered in Seattle, WA, to co-market and deliver LeanNow™, a ‘breakthrough’ Lean implementation approach developed by Randall Benson, the founder of Benson Consulting.

Announcing the partnership, Digité VP of Sales, Ram Subramanian, said, “A number of customers are interested in implementing Lean initiatives in their organizations but are concerned about the time and cost it will take to see any measurable results. Randall Benson’s LeanNow™ approach promises to considerably reduce both time and cost while accelerating the organization’s Lean journey. Using SwiftKanban as an integral part of LeanNow™ will significantly contribute to that outcome.”

Randall Benson, Founder and Principal at Benson Consulting, said, “Think of LeanNow as an accelerated Lean implementation initiative that draws on the critical components of Lean. It will help you drive measurable Lean results to your bottom line in weeks instead of years. LeanNow is a “be-do-have” model that focuses initially on flow rather than waste reduction like traditional Lean initiatives. Traditional “have-do-be” approaches can be ‘heavy’ approaches where you must “have” a Lean office, wall-to-wall training, tours, a 5S workplace, and round-after-round of waste reduction before you can “do” Lean flow and eventually “be” Lean. The traditional (have-do-be) approach is risky because it consumes huge amounts of time, resources and political capital before you can “be” Lean. It runs the very real risk of losing support before you even get to daily Lean management. Using a flexible Kanban tool such as SwiftKanban is crucial to the implementation of LeanNow™.”

Organizations worldwide are evaluating on or embarking on Lean initiatives in an effort to continually deliver value to their customers, focusing on flow of work and throughput in their delivery processes. Hi-tech teams and organizations that have already adopted Agile as a mechanism to iteratively deliver products to their customers are looking at Lean and Kanban principles for eliminating bottlenecks in their existing processes, eliminating issues related to scope creep and missed deliverables and enabling their customers to prioritize their requirements till the ‘last responsible moment’ in order to optimize delivery of value to their customers. The LeanNow™ offering is based on Lean principles aided by automation with SwiftKanban to help organizations accelerate these benefits.

About Benson Consulting:
Benson Consulting is a Seattle area consulting firm. Randall Benson, the founder and principal at Benson Consulting is a self-confessed Lean heretic. He’s also an author, speaker and business consultant. He has endeavored to use Lean to create breakthrough and has had some success, such as the nation’s fastest hospital emergency department. Randall’s Lean efforts, such as LeanNow™, are an attempt to push the boundaries of Lean. He has also explored and incorporated ideas from other fields, including Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), Design Thinking, the Organizational Quest, Agile Software Development, and Customer Experience Management (CX). For more details, please visit https://www.lean-now.com

About Digité:
Digité, Inc. is a leading provider of Lean/Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Lean/ Agile ALM) products and solutions for the global delivery model. SwiftKanban and Digité Enterprise are Digité’s flagship products that enable technology and project organizations successfully manage technology and other projects, products and applications through effective collaboration between globally distributed teams. Available in both SaaS and on-premise models, Digité provides all critical functions needed by distributed software teams in a collaborative, integrated, cloud-based platform.

Digité is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

For further information, please visit- www.digite.com

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