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May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year. Best wishes for a happy New Year filled with health, happiness, and spectacular success to all our employees, customers, partners and friends.

Happy Holidays

This year-end newsletter covers our most popular Business Agility articles of this past year. We hope you will enjoy reading them and gain more knowledge and insight!

Due Dates in Kanban Systems

Many teams adopting Kanban come from the Agile background. Agile thinking has discouraged the use of Due Dates. Due Dates breed undesirable behavior. Focus on Due Dates results in teams working under significant pressure. On the other hand, an absence of Due Dates can lead some teams’ throughput to drop. Our SVP, Sudipta Lahiri explains how to have a balanced system with Kanban in this blog.

Due Dates In Kanban Systems

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Unravelling PI Planning

There is no magic in SAFe® except maybe for PI Planning” So what does Program Increment (PI) planning in SAFe® mean? why is it held in such high regard? Anshuman Singh, our Product Manager, gives a brief overview of SAFe®’s PI Planning.

Pi Planning

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5 Factors to Consider for your Kanban Board Design

Modeling your first Kanban board does require some thinking and planning as it depends on many factors. So, how do you design your first Kanban board? What are the Key Factors affecting Kanban Board design? Mahesh Singh, Digité Co-founder and SVP provides some tips on your first Kanban Board planning and design.

Kanban Board Design

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Portfolio Kanban for Enterprise Visibility

With the digital disruption of business models and whole industries, business executives and process owners are faced with a variety of transformation challenges. In this blog post, Navin Anand, our Director of Sales for EU, shares his thoughts on how Portfolio Kanban, integrated with team-level work management tools, can drive enterprise transformation initiatives.

Portfolio Kanban For Enterprise Visibility

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