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The Intrigue – and the Universality – of Kanban

Kanban with its principles of an evolutionary approach, its applicability to any process, and its focus on visualization & flow tackles the central issue that all business & technology organizations are addressing – Business Agility across the Enterprise – in a very fundamental, natural manner. Mahesh Singh, Digité Co-founder, & SVP – Marketing talks of the increasing influence of Kanban in the Agile world.

Kanban In The Agile World

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Scrum & Kanban Revisited

This article by Mike Burrows is based on his LinkedIn discussion on “Do you think that combining the Kanban principles and practices with the Scrum Framework will enhance the collaboration across your agile teams?” The article provides great insights on the Scrum and Kanban methods, especially the debate surrounding the two.

Scrum &Amp; Kanban

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How do you “do” Scrumban?

Are you a Scrum team with well-established Scrum practices and planning to start using Kanban? How do you get started with Kanban? Mahesh Singh (our resident AKT/ KCP) answers some of the common questions Agile teams have on adopting Kanban/ Scrumban.


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Top 10 Lean/ Kanban Books for IT, Software & Knowledge Work!

Are you new to Kanban? Or did you just build your first Kanban Board? Or already a Kanban expert? Irrespective of where you are in your Kanban journey, this article provides a comprehensive list of the top Kanban books that will help you with knowledge, insights and experience related to Kanban and ensures an empowered journey towards achieving your business goals.

Top 10 Lean/ Kanban Books

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Product Updates

SwiftALM 2.5 is Live!

Exciting features in the area of Agile and Mobile App. To help you plan better, Sprint Velocity widget has been introduced for your Agile projects and usability enhancements are done in the Planning & Execution Board. Along with these, there are many other enhancements that will give you a richer experience. Signup for a demo here!

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