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The Yin-Yang of Productivity

The Yin-Yang of Productivity! Digite Sr. VP, Raghunath Basavanahalli ponders on the conflicting nature of hard, disciplined, “get it done and out the door” vs. creative, innovative, “sky’s the limit” work – both of which knowledge teams are expected to exhibit.

Yin-Yang Of Productivity

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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum

We continue our theme of facilitating Scrum and Kanban together. Though both methodologies are attempting to do the same thing, there are some similarities with significant differences between Scrum and Kanban, which Dave White addresses in the article.

Kanban Method And Scrum

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Scrum or Kanban for Application Support teams?

Software teams frequently manage one or more products – which means they are expected to build new features as well as fix defects reported by customers. They need to balance both types of work at a pace that keeps all stakeholders happy! Mahesh Singh recommends applying Kanban on top of their Agile/ Scrum practices to do just that.

Scrum Or Kanban

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SwiftKanban Customer Success Story

Alchemetrics is a multi-award-winning marketing technology specialist with a 20-year record of delivering market-leading data-driven solutions. They implemented SwiftKanban in their Client Services (Helpdesk) and Development (IT & Software) processes since 2015, and since then it has helped them achieve greater productivity and team collaboration.

Swiftkanban Customer Success Story

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Product Updates

SwiftALM 3.0 is Live!

SwiftALM 3.0 release comes with cool updates in the Dashboard, the Mobile App and Product Configuration. Explore the new Smart Import feature that helps you transfer configurations across environments easily!

Want to learn how SwiftALM can be a solution for your Enterprise Digital Transformation? Signup for a demo here!

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