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Kanban to manage Complex/ Quick Moving Situations

Kanban’s evolutionary nature – start with what you currently do, visualize your workflows and work – and manage and improve flow – can be the perfect non-disruptive tool you need to get things in control and working again! Mahesh Singh, Digité Co-founder, & SVP – Marketing shares his 25+ years of experience in the software industry and on the Kanban Journey in this article!

Kanban Workflow

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Fika Stories 1 – Help! Our Kanban Died!

Written in the Swedish “Fika-style”, Christophe Achouiantz, 2016 Brickell Key award winner, takes on a problem that teams implementing Kanban face – the sense of “doom” that Kanban is not working for them because of resistance they face. Christophe explains why that is a good thing!

Fika Stories

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Kanban = Continuous Delivery? Not Necessarily

The Kanban Method by itself does not make any prescriptions of when and how often to make a product release. But it helps the delivery team to optimize its throughput while minimizing waste (discarded work). It also helps customers by giving them time to change their mind based on market conditions says Mahesh Singh in the article.

Kanban = Continuous Delivery

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Extending Portfolio Kanban with Enterprise Services Planning

Portfolio Kanban delivers great value to the enterprise. It can be used at an executive level for a wide range of strategic decisions, based not on gut instinct alone but supported by real enterprise performance information and decision dimensions. Navin Anand, our Director of Sales for EU, expounds on the possibilities with Portfolio Kanban for Enterprise Transformation!

Extending Portfolio Kanban

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News & Updates

Digité is Sponsoring PMXPO 2018 Virtual Conference and Exhibition!

We’re happy to be a sponsor for PMXPO 2018 Conference on 22nd March. Hope to see you at our Digité booth in the conference! Learn more here!

Webinar: How to get your Kanban initiative Back on Track!

We’ve scheduled a Kanban webinar on March 21 at 7:30 AM Pacific/ 3:30 PM CET/ 8:00 PM IST with Christophe Achouiantz! Watch the Webinar.

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