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Use a Kanban to Delegate and Track Family Chores

When it comes to household chores, it’s nearly impossible to remember what you started, who’s supposed to be doing what, and what’s still left to do. In this blog, Michelle Woo explains how Personal Kanban can be implemented for household chore management.

Kanban For Family

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How to Use Personal Kanban to Visualize Your Work

Personal Kanban is a productivity system and is easy to get started with, only has two real “rules,” and is designed to give you a simple, visual look at what’s on your plate, what your priorities are, and what you’ve accomplished. Alan Henry explains Personal Kanban in detail in his blog.

Personal Kanban

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5 Ways to Focus and Finish

Focusing on our most important work is hard. It’s harder still when work suddenly picks up, is unfamiliar, or arrives with immediate deadlines when we are already busy. Jim Benson, the Personal Kanban pioneer, explains what it takes to focus and complete things you have started!

Personal Kanban

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Turbocharge your Personal Kanban with GTD

Personal Kanban and GTD (Getting Things Done) are two great personal productivity tools for getting organized and effective in everything you do. Combined, and done right, the two can get you an explosive jump in personal productivity! Digité’s own Anshuman Singh and Sudipta Lahiri tell you how you can do this in this blog post.

Personal Kanban With Gtd

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Product Updates

SwiftKanban July 2017 Feature Update!

In the July update of SwiftKanban we have introduced new usability and functional enhancements. Now you can comment on multiple cards at a shot, Also, you can export your card hierarchy to an excel sheet. Get more details here!

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