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Summer is here! To help with your Summer Reading List, we have chosen some of our popular articles on Scrum & Kanban for you from our blog! Whether you are on the beach or in the mountains, if you have teams (considering) using Kanban to improve software or service delivery, you will enjoy these articles!

The difference between the Kanban Method and Scrum

Both Scrum and Kanban attempt to advance the state of the art in work management in knowledge work, and are similar. However, they also have significant differences. Dave White, Kanban coach, and trainer explains.


Difference Between The Kanban Method And Scrum

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How do you do Scrumban?

You are a Scrum team, wanting to improve. You have heard of Kanban and believe it could help. But, how do you go about it? Mahesh Singh, Digité co-founder, Kanban coach and trainer, lays out his approach.


How Do You Do Scrumban?

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7 Factors for running an effective Kanban Replenishment Meeting

The Replenishment/ Commitment Meeting is one of the 7 Kanban cadences or meetings, that ensures alignment among all stakeholders & delivery teams on what to work on when. Mahesh Singh shares the key factors for running it effectively!


Kanban Replenishment Meeting

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Portfolio Kanban for Enterprise Visibility

With the digital disruption of business models and whole industries, business executives & process owners are faced with a variety of transformation challenges. In this blog post, Navin Anand, our Director of Sales for EU, shares his thoughts on how Portfolio Kanban, integrated with team-level work management tools, can drive enterprise transformation initiatives.

Portfolio Kanban For Enterprise Visibility

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News & Updates

SwiftEnterprise 4.2 is here!

SwiftEnterprise 4.2 release covers the significant improvements in the area of Agile, STaRT, Dashboard and Mobile App. Watch the recording of SwiftEnterprise 4.2 webinar here!

Upcoming Conference!

Lean Kanban India 2018!

We are the Platinum sponsor again for this year’s Lean Kanban India conference (#LKIN18), to be held in Bengaluru, India on September 21 & 22. Register now to grab the early bird discount!

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