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Scaling has become the hot topic in Agile. How does the whole organization become Agile? What does it mean to “Scale Agile”? With a number of scaling frameworks available, such as Kanban, SAFe®, LeSS, DAD which one should your organization choose? This month’s newsletter helps you in your journey of scaling Agile!

Flight Levels: The Organizational Improvement Levels

Agility is a strategic topic and cannot be resolved primarily at the operational level, especially in areas where it is not even necessary. If you want to make improvements in an organization, you must first be clear which level is best suited to achieve them. The Kanban flight levels conceptualized by Klaus Leopold help you identify the appropriate level for different products/ services in your organization.

Organizational Improvement Levels

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Where Does Line Management Sit in a Scaled Agile Organization?

When embarking on a Scaled Agile transformation, you’ll have to make tough decisions. One of them will be how to best use your line managers. Taking the time to understand the needs of your people as well as the individual strengths of your line managers will pay off. Getting this decision right will be key to the success of your Agile transformation journey! Author Tina Hjort Ejlertsen has explained this in detail in the article.

Scaled Agile Transformation

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Techniques to Scale Agile Across Project Teams and Organizations

The guiding principles of Agile are to keep the code simple, test often, and deliver working pieces of an application as soon as they’re ready. How can companies take this approach and translate it to larger, enterprise-wide projects that need to scale across a wide variety of locations, lines of business, platforms, and technologies? Francis Adanza provides some simple and effective techniques to help you scale Agile in the article.

Scale Agile Across Project Teams

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Agile Scaling in Action

Scaling Agile in an organization allows individual teams working in silos to pool resources & priorities & shift accountability from their specific team or function to the project as a whole! Yousef Awad has shared his experience of working with one of the e-commerce leaders as they successfully scaled Agile! He also provides some tips on what works, what doesn’t, and how to pivot toward success in scaling Agile in your organization.

Agile Scaling In Action

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Product Updates

SwiftEnterprise 5.0 Release!

SwiftEnterprise 5.0 brings to you Team Dynamics – Emotional Intelligence Analytics – that gives you powerful insights into your team’s emotional health and its impact on team and project performance, based on their interaction on various project tasks! We have also started our journey of AI-based assistance by going conversational. Now, using Slack, talk to our Chatbot to get quick information about your work and perform routine actions right from your Slack channel. Know more here!

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