Nimble Work Management Features Comparison

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Features TeamBusinessEnterprise
$ 10 /User /Month
$ 26 /User /Month


User Limit50 Users200 Users200+ Users
Unlimited Projects
Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)
Automations Across All Projects50100Unlimited
File Storage2 GB / User5 GB / User10 GB / User

Real Time Collaboration

MS Teams (Native Integration)
Slack (Native Integration)

Project Templates

Work Management Templates
Scrum and Kanban Templates
Waterfall Template
Hybrid Template


Custom Kanban Boards
Custom Card Layouts
Predefined Personas
Link Cards Within Projects
Link Cards Across Projects
Custom Personas and Access Control
% Progress View on Board
Custom Menus
Organization-level Forms
Track workitems outside project context
Custom Templates
Save a customized project as a custom template
Custom Forms Across Projects1050Unlimited
Custom Fields Across Projects50100Unlimited


Personal Analytics
Template based Project Analytics
Enterprise Analytics
Analytics based on user's access level in the Organization Hierarchy

User Interface and Experience

Board View
List View
Timeline View
Dependency View

Native Integrations

Zapier Integration
Power BI
Microsoft Project


Google Authentication
Single Sign-On

AI Capabilities

Nimble Bot
Nimble Coach - Powered by Generative AI

Humanizing Work

Discussions, Workitem Posts, Kudos
Motivational Quotes
Earn badge for giving and receiving Kudos from your colleagues

Hybrid Work Management

Basic Scheduling
Team's live Task list where Planned dates are optional and roll-up to summary level Task is by choice
Simple Scheduling
Create Multiple Task Plans with "Fixed Date" Tasks, "FS" Dependency, Baseline, and EV Metrics
Advanced Scheduling
Create Multiple Task Plans with Multiple Task Types + Hybrid Tasks to link Agile Execution with Waterfall Task + Multiple Dependeny Types + Multiple Constraint Types + Critical Path

Pragmatic Agile

Standup Wizard / Daily Status Meeting
Sprint Planning (Plan 1 Sprint at a time)
Included as part of Backlog Refinement Board
Release Planning (Plan Across Multiple Releases)
Sprint Planning (Plan Across Multiple Sprints)

Lean Capabilities

Flow Analytics
Cycle Time Analytics
Card Aging

Upstream Capabilities

Backlog Refinement Board
Story Mapping (Cards Within Project)
Story Mapping (Cards Across Projects)

Timesheet Capabilities

Time Tracking
Timesheet Approval

Enterprise Capabilities

People Management
People Requisition, Demand Fulfilment, Utilization, Demand vs Capacity Gap Analysis
Intelligent Portfolio Management
Demand Tracking with Budget Allocation + AI based Best Fit Budget Allocation

Add-Ons Allowed

Streamline your objectives, track key results by linking them to workitems, and drive success with intuitive features designed for seamless goal management.
Automations (Pack of 25)
AI-Powered Autofill (Pack of 5 Forms)
AI-Powered Workitem Similarity (Pack of 5 Forms)
X-feeds Widget (Twitter Hashtag Feeds)
Advanced Integrations (via Snaplogic)Contact SalesContact Sales
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