People Management is possible in Nimble, which helps you manage your resources and plan your projects more effectively. It helps you keep track of the resources and their availability so that you can utilize 100% time of your resources.

Whenever a project is created, the project manager needs resources to get started with those projects. They might get the resources from their internal team whom they already know or need a more specific resource whose skills match closely to the project requirements. Once the project manager requests the resources and gets them, they can start with their project.

Similarly, a resource might be required in more than one project at the same time. So it’s important to track which projects a particular resource is working on at the moment and when. This information helps in planning for other projects also so that the same resources can be assigned to other projects after the current projects are completed.

The People Management module provides a view to see the utilization of all the resources across all the projects. It helps them know if the count of available resources is enough to meet the project’s requirements or if they need more resources to fulfill the project’s demands.

Thus, by using the following modules in Nimble, you can perform Resource Management

  • Requests resources for projects at the project level as well as organization level (if resources are not available at the project level). Read more.

  • Search for resources that best meet the project requirements.  If you do not get the skills that you need, it lets you search for a set of alternate skills. Read more.

  • Allocate resources to the projects in multiple ways depending on the size and complexity of your business. For example, it allows Project Managers to allocate resources to their projects if they know who they want and their availability or they can request Resource Managers to allocate resources to their projects.

  • View the Utilisation of the resources across all the projects. Read more.

  • View the demand vs the available capacity of the resources so that you can hire more resources if required. Read more.

Video Reference

To dive deeper into the topic, we recommend watching the reference videos available here.
Quick Overview of People Management:

Detailed Overview of People Management:

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