Link Your Cloud Storage Account to Nimble

Now you can use your secure cloud storage on Google, Amazon S3, or Microsoft Azure for storing the attachments added in Nimble. Learn more here.


Get Quick Insights in Forms 2.0

You can now summarize the list of items in a form to calculate their sum, average, minimum, or maximum. This is possible using the new Summary Row introduced in the data table sub-block of forms configured through Form 2.0 Configuration. Learn more here.

Data table

Analyze All Aspects Of Your Data in Forms 2.0

You can now individually do the dashboard analysis of the business objects that are part of a form. For example, suppose a Purchase Order is configured using Form 2.0 Configuration with business objects like Order Detail, List of Items, and Shipping Information. In that case, these business objects can be individually analyzed in the Dashboard module. Learn more here.

Analytics GIF

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