In this article, we will help you to understand managing organization profile.

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Steps to Modify an Organization Profile


The organization is the topmost entity in the product. An enterprise can have diversified businesses spread geographically and deliver different products/services consisting of users reporting directly or to the various business units managed in the enterprise.

On creation of an Enterprise, the Enterprise name i.e., the Organization name is displayed with Organization ID, where you can define all your Organization essentials.


Steps to Modify an Organization Profile

The Organization Administrator can modify or update the organization’s details.

  1. Navigate to Organization Name > Administration > Organization Profile.
  2. Modify the Organization Name.
  3. Click the SAVE button to save.
  4. Click the RETURN button to see it in the listing.

Once the Organization Profile is created, the following tab is visible:

Print Organization Profile

You even have the option to print the entire organization profile and use it as desired

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