The default scheduling feature is one of the easiest scheduling options, compared to simple and advanced scheduling. When a project is created, the Task Plan/Task is created with default scheduling that allows for live editing, meaning all changes are made in real time.

Live editing in the Task Plan enables multiple users to work on the same task simultaneously. It is only available in the default scheduling of the Task Plan. Unlike simple and advanced scheduling, it does not require checkout and check-in options, allowing users to make changes directly to the Task Plan and save them.

When multiple users are working on the same Task Plan, their profile pictures are displayed in the top-right corner of the page. Hovering over the profile picture reveals the user’s name.

Note: The default scheduling type is only available in the Simple Work Management template.

Toolbar Options

In All Task drop-down as All TasksMy Tasks, and Hierarchies options and the More Options contain many features that let you view Gantt View, Dense View, and other features like Remove Filter, Add Task, Delete TaskLink TaskDelink Task, Column Settings, and Legend.

If you right-click on the task, a menu will appear displaying various options such as Add Task, Indent Task, Outdent Task, Delete Task, Copy Task, and Multiline Add.

Improtant Points

  1. Tasks can be managed using options found under “More Options”.
  2. When you adds, edits, or deletes a task, it becomes read-only for other users who are unable to modify or delete it.
  3. You can see live who are all the users on task, as it displays the profile picture of the users.
  4. If a task (TSK5) has a predecessor value (FS1), then the predecessor task (Task1) must be completed before the TSK5 task can begin.
  5. Setting the task percent complete as 100% will close the task, but it can be reopened by reducing the percent complete.
  6. Closed tasks will have a lock icon next to the task name and be greyed out.
  7. Columns can be frozen by clicking on the “More Options” icon and selecting “Freeze Column”, which locks the column backward and makes it unchangeable.
  8. When creating a task, all fields will be empty and must be filled manually, unlike other scheduling types.

For a quick comparison of features between Simple, Default, Advanced Scheduling, and MS Project Plug-in, click here.

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