This article will familiarize you with the overview, and configuration of the Time Lost To Blocking chart.

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The Time Lost to Blocking histogram, which enables a Pareto analysis of Blocking Reasons and the time loss each Root Cause is contributing to. It plots the total Blocked Time of cards (measured on Weeks, Days or Months) on the X-axis for a particular blocking reason.

Hover on the bar to view the blocking reason and the total time lost.

Click the bar to drill down to further details like the Blocking Reason and the number of cards pertaining to that reason. You can further select an individual card to view the card-level details.


To configure a Time Lost to Blocking widget, perform the following steps-

1. Click the Add Widget icon on the analytics page. The Analytics Builder appears.

2. Click the SKIP button at the bottom right of the Analytics Builder to see the Standard Widgets screen.

3. From the Lean Analytics section, click the Time Lost to Blocking widget. The Settings page appears.

To plot the Time Lost To Blocking widget,  specify the following information:

Data Criteria

  • Workitem type: Select the workitem type based on your requirement.

  • Start Date and End Date: Select a specific period, i.e. the Start Date and End Date from the calendar to limit the scope of chart data. View charts by selecting appropriate dates to analyze the recent performance of the team against the previous duration or the outcome of any process change. The chart considers cards that are lying in the chosen lanes/stages during that date range.

  • Select Filter: Select or create a filter to apply on the specified data.

  • Lane:  Select the lane from the list box for which you want to plot the chart.

  • From andTo Column: Select the exact stages for which you want to generate by defining the Start Column and End Column. The charts consider all cards that exited the last column or have moved to or beyond Done column type and may or may not have entered the Start Column during the selected date range.

Dimensions and Settings

  • Blocking reason code: The widget is plotted based on all the blocking reason code.

  • Block Time: Select the block time as Hours, Days or Weeks according to which you want to plot the chart.

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