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Timesheet Approval Features

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You must be familiar with the Timesheet Approval features to approve the timesheet against workitems.


In the left navigation panel, expand the Workspace menu and select My Workspace. Hover over the My Workspace breadcrumb at the top, expand the Timesheet module, and select Timesheet Approval.

Timesheet Approval’s Features

The features available to you in Timesheet Approval are as follows:


Selection of projects in Filter enables you to view and select only those projects for which timesheets are awaiting approval. You can opt All Projects option or you can opt to select single or multiple projects as per requirement. Similarly, you can filter your timesheet entries by Queue, Week, and Status.


You can sort any column on the Timesheet Approval page in ascending or descending order by clicking the down arrow icon next to the column name. On clicking the sort icon, both the weeks and the entries within them are sorted. For example, if there
are two weeks on the page and each week is having 3 and 4 timesheet entries within them then clicking the sort icon will sort the –

  1. Weeks
  2.  Timesheet entries within each week

Weekly Timesheet Detailed View

To view and edit the individual weekly timesheets for a project before approving/rejecting the timesheets, click the View details in the Timesheet Approval List view.

  • In this view, you can see the hours entered for specific workitems over a week, as well as their status.
  • You can edit, reject or approve the Timesheet from this view by clicking the buttons available in the bottom-right corner.

Edit ‘Under ‘Approval’ Timesheets

To edit the timesheet, click the Edit button, which toggles to Save after making changes.

Click on View details and then the cell you want to edit. To changes hours and add comments, double-click the cell. Add or make your changes in the window and click the APPROVE button. You can add or change hours and comments for the previous and next days by clicking the navigation arrows.

After the timesheets have been edited, click SAVE (Edit now changes to Save) in the Weekly Timesheet Detail view.

Bulk Approval and Rejection of Timesheets

To approve multiple timesheets at a time, select all or required timesheets, and click the Approve button. After confirming the Bulk Approval, the timesheet will be routed and will no longer be listed in the view.

Similarly, you can select the required timesheets and click the Reject button to reject multiple timesheets. After you confirm Bulk Rejection, click Yes or No to provide Rejection Comments. If you click Yes, you will have to enter the comments for future rejections, as well. On clicking No, you will not be prompted to enter rejection comments.

In case of multiple approvers, the Timesheet will be closed when the Final Approver, approves it.

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