In this article, we will help you to understand the working of sub-key results in OKR.

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Create Sub-key Results

Deleting a Sub-key Result

Completing a Sub-key Result

Creating a Sub-key Result

A Sub-key result or SKR is a child card of a KR and comes at the bottom of the hierarchy of the objective- KR-SKR.  You can link an SKR to any card type in a project which has the percent progress field on it so that you can track the progress of the card type and can link it to the SKR.

You can link your SKR to all the projects in which you are a team member. Linking SKR with card types helps you align them with the project’s long-term goals.

Perform the following steps to create a sub-key result –

  1. Open the key result for which you want to create the sub-key results. 
  2. Click the KRs/Sub-KRs section. 
  3. The key result has a default empty sub-key result as its child.

  4. Click the Add Sub-KR card. The detail view of the sub-key result appears.
  5. Enter the following information –

    • Sub-key result  – specify the name of your sub-key result.
    • Provide a description in the Description field of the sub-key result. 
    • Select the project which workitmes you want to link with this SKR.
    • Select the workitme type that you want to link with. 
    • Select the workitems ID (along with the workitem name) to link with this SKR. 

Deleting a Sub-key Result

You can delete a sub-key result if it is no longer required. To delete a Sub-KR, perform the following steps –

  1. Open the Sub-key result.
  2. Click the Delete icon on the top-right corner.
  3. Click the OK button.

Completing a Sub-key Result

You can complete an SKR if its work is done.  To complete an SKR, perform the following steps –

  1. Open the Sub-key result.
  2. Click the COMPLETE button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click OK.

As you complete an SKR, the CLOSED icon appears on it to indicate the SKR is completed. You can reopen the SKR by clicking the REOPEN button.

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