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Business Rules

Business Rules enable teams to define the basic rules that automatically keep your Boards updated, giving you more time to do your real work! Business Rules are designed to automate repetitive card updates as per your business needs.


Automation has always been a great time and effort saver as it eliminates the need to perform repetitive or manual tasks. While working on a Kanban Board many a time you might have wanted to automate certain routine tasks which consume much of your time and effort. With the Business Rules, you can now configure and execute Business Rules to automate repetitive tasks. It allows you to automate actions within your Board based on the criteria that you set.

Advantages of Using Business Rules

  • No coding or scripting required.
  • Reduce manual work and quicken day-to-day processes.
  • Saves time for team members so that they can focus on other important things.
  • Set a frequency for the number of times the rule gets executed in a planned scheduled format.

Business Rules Listing Page

Business Rules appear listed in a sequential manner depending on the date of creation. If you add a sequence number to the rule, then the list of Business Rules is sorted in ascending order and gets executed as per that order. If the sequence number is not defined then the Business Rules are executed oldest to latest as per their date of creation.

Defining Dynamic Data Condition or Actions for Complex Scenarios

You can define a wide variety of options for your conditions and actions so that you can trigger the execution of business rules for complex conditions with ease. All these when used together become a powerful way to capture any complex data condition and take action as per the business need.

For detailed information on Business Rules and use cases, please refer to the SwiftKanban Knowledgebase

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