Governance & Compliance

Governance Compliance

SwiftKanban can be used effectively in industries such as insurance, healthcare and others where there may be need to enforce specific workflow steps to ensure that work has been completed in the prescribed manner and follows the policies, guidelines and implementation checklists necessary to provide a comprehensive definition of done for each process modeled in SwiftKanban. To support this, SwiftKanban provides the following features


Visual Workflow

A visual workflow on a Kanban board that outlines the specific steps that a work item must follow. The workflow can be separately defined for each type of work being done or a common workflow can also be defined, as needed. The work itself can be modeled in different type of cards.


Explicit Policies

Each step of the workflow can have its own policies which can be defined in detail in the process editor (Board Editor). These policies show up on top of each workflow stage (column) and guides the people working on the board to do the work in each column in a specific manner. The policies can define Entry and Exit criteria, deliverables, and milestones and metrics that must be measured and met.
Explicit Policies 2
To-Do Checklists

To-Dos/ Checklists

For each card type (work-item type), each board can define a template of tasks (To-Dos) that must be executed in each column of the board – that is each stage of the workflow.  This can be one or multiple tasks – and team members must specify whether the tasks are completed or not before the card moves to the next column. If work for a column is not complete, the board manager can enable a board policy that alerts team members when they move cards if the To-Dos for that column are not yet done.  The To-Dos serve as the most detailed form of the “Definition of Done” and can serve as a detailed work and effort tracker, if so desired, or simply as a checklist to help team members do the appropriate work at each stage of the workflow.

Account and Board Level Policies

In addition, at both the account and board levels, certain policies must be selected and set so that the tool aids the users in tracking delays, WIP Limit violations, and other important rules/ policies that must be followed. These rules can only be set by Account Admins and Board Admins (Managers) and regular users cannot change these policies. For many policies, if they are not followed, the system alerts the users and helps them perform the actions in a compliant manner.

Account And Board Level Policies
Adjacency Matrix

Adjacency Matrix

Finally, in addition to the above, we have a very unique Adjacency Matrix chart that shows how well the process that has been visualized and which the team believes it is following, is being followed. If the process is not being followed, and the work is skipping many process steps, the chart shows clear evidence of that – and allows you to drill down right from the chart into specific cards that missed a few steps, enabling the team to discuss such issues and take corrective action.

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