"Functionality suited what we wanted, endorsed by David Anderson, recommended by eDreams, pricing was better"

– Gordon McGuirk Group Delivery Manager
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SwiftKanban’s overall functionality suited what we wanted, it was endorsed by David Anderson, recommended by eDreams and pricing was better. – Gordon McGuirk Group Delivery Manager
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Ding achieves enhanced collaboration with remote workers and an increased flow efficiency.

Implementation of Kanban

When And How Did You Decide To Implement Kanban?
We had been doing Scrum for several years, (we were) fairly experienced at it, (using) all the usual pieces, retro, stand-ups, sprints, etc. (However, we had) No common understanding of what it took to achieve quality, technical depth, tasks, etc. Dev complained if they didn’t have work, Product complained when things didn’t move fast enough. (We needed to change that)
What Business Functions Have you Implemented Kanban In?
All Technology functions.
Did You Invest In A Lot Of Formal Training And/ Or Coaching In Kanban?
We did. We had 6 months intensive training with 3 consultants from Actineo based onsite with all the teams. It was a big investment from company but felt it was the right way to sure the success of Kanban.

How did SwiftKanban Help?

When did Your Organization Start using SwiftKanban?
The first set of teams starting using it in June 2017 and all teams were using it by Oct 2017.
Which Other Tools did You Evaluate Before Selecting SwiftKanban?
LeanKit, Kanbanize & TargetProcess.
What Are Some Of The Key Strengths And Weaknesses Of SwiftKanban That You Would Like To Highlight?
The reason we chose Swiftkanban over its competitors were for a couple of reasons: We felt overall its functionality suited what we wanted, it was endorsed by David Anderson, (it was) recommended by eDreams and (the) pricing was better.
What Are Some Ways, If Any, In Which SwiftKanban has Made you and your Team More Effective?
It has allowed us to visualize our workload via an online tool and has greatly enhanced our collaboration with remote workers.
More Specifically, can you Share Any Metrics – Such As Lead Time, Throughput Or Flow Efficiency – That You Have Seen Improvements As A Result Of Using Kanban And SwiftKanban, And By How Much?
Teams have been using the metrics provided through SwiftKanban to help them continuously improve.
  • a) Increase in (number of) releases – up 50%
  • b) Less rollbacks
  • c) Increase in quality – 25% decrease in defects
  • d) Flow Efficiency increased from ~18% to 40%+
Would You Recommend SwiftKanban To Others? If Yes, Could You List the Top 3 Reasons For Doing So?
We would, as we believe you have the potential to become the number 1 tool in this space going forward. Having the backing from David Anderson, the overall functionality and lower pricing plans will give you the biggest advantage in the marketplace. However, you will need to work on improving the UI and usability.

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