"SwiftKanban is able to identify and manage dependencies which is critical in our projects."

– Annette Levine Agile Manager
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SwiftKanban has made us more efficient due to visualization and real time updates. It is able to identify and manage dependencies which is critical in our projects. – Annette Levine Agile Manager
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Teradata increases efficiency in their process due to visualization of the work through Kanban.

Implementation of Kanban

When And How Did You Decide To Implement Kanban?
Q4 2014 – After a few pilot agile projects, we found that Scrum did not work well for data integration or data-centric projects – Kanban was implemented as a solution to the complex work done in our Build and Test phases.
What Business Functions Have you Implemented Kanban In?
We use Kanban in our consulting services projects – all IT and IT support type projects. We also use it for some limited portfolio visualization.
What Benefits have you Experienced due to Implementing Kanban?
a) Reduces the risk and challenge of not completing work in a time-boxed sprint. b) Provides easier integration of Client, Vendor, 3rd Party services into development cycles/processes. c) Provides visibility to project at all levels.

How did SwiftKanban Help?

When did Your Organization Start using SwiftKanban?
In the year 2015.
Which Other Tools did You Evaluate Before Selecting SwiftKanban?
Jira, LeanKit, ServiceNow, VersionOne and Rally (now CA Agile Central).
What Are Some Of The Key Strengths And Weaknesses Of SwiftKanban That You Would Like To Highlight?
Parent/ Child cards, Linking, Linking Boards, manages more complex requirements, export and import features.
What Are Some Ways, If Any, In Which SwiftKanban has Made you and your Team More Effective?
In general, having a board has made us more efficient due to visualization and real-time updates, SK specifically – able to identify and manage dependencies which are critical in our projects.
Yes. a) Its easy to use interface is intuitive. b) Integration with Jira – we don’t use that but an important feature. c) Flexible/ customizable configuration, linking and parent/ child feature.

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