SwiftKanban – The Best Kanban Tool

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SwiftKanban – The Best Kanban Tool

Kanban as an agile methodology is very effective because it is simple and intuitive. Kanban delivers business value by enabling delivery teams to align in near real–time with the constantly changing organizational priorities. SwiftKanban is an easy to use tool that is focused on making teams successful in the adoption of Kanban. SwiftKanban helps teams both during the early Kanban adoption phase and also during the phase of scaling when distributed teams need to be engaged and availability of metrics becomes critical for continuous improvement.

The Company We Keep

We have been fortunate enough to get to work with the most respected Kanban thought leaders. David J Anderson, the father of the Lean Kanban system for software is our Advisor and has guided us continually in the development of SwiftKanban. We have also partnered with respected thought-leaders such as Dr. Masa K Maeda and Yuval Yeret – and our association with them significantly enhances our ability to bring you the best tools, solutions and services for your Lean/ Agile requirements. Digite has an active user community which provides very good inputs based on its diverse and regular usage. All such input becomes a key component of the product roadmap.

Swift – The Platform

SwiftKanban is built on top of a powerful platform – the Swift platform. We have invested several years of effort in developing this platform for all of the benefits that an enterprise expects from a tool such as SwiftKanban – configurability, scalability, performance, reliability and quality. The Swift platform ensures that the tool can be extended to provide you the solution that you need to meet your business needs.

The Experience We Have

Digite has been in the business of Agile ALM and PPM tools for managing a variety of projects for nearly 10 years and has a very large customer base. Digite is extremely familiar with technology and usability trends that affect adoption of tools – an experience that has gone into the development of SwiftKanban. Digite internally uses SwiftKanban for executing all projects. Digite’s teams are very passionate about Kanban and this first-hand experience reflects in the overall design, the feature set and the power of the SwiftKanban tool.

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