In this article, we will help you to understand what is the role of a facilitator.

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Timer Properties


Why do you need a facilitator? What are the roles of a facilitator? In this article, we will guide you with answers to such questions.

A retrospective meeting is a group meeting in which we analyze the things that have fallen into place and the things that need improvement. But how would that be possible without a facilitator?

The aim of the facilitator is to:

  • Foster comprehensive solutions that help the retrospective members to find solutions to the problems. And based on divergent opinions and thoughts the facilitator derives solutions and assigns action items to the members.
  • Encourages the members to share the responsibilities and take ownership of the cards to achieve as discussed in the meeting.
  • The facilitator is responsible for giving an equal amount of time for adding cards in the respective columns, voting, and providing feedback.

Timer Properties

Once the facilitator feels that all the members have submitted their responses then switch to the next step.

  • On every step, the timer starts automatically.
  • If the facilitator stops the timer, then the timer becomes zero and red. Then, the next step gets activated.
  • If the facilitator pauses the timer, the time will get paused, but all the actions on the facilitator and team members’ side are still activated.

For example: If the timer is set for 15 mins and when 5 mins are left then the timer turns amber. If the timer is set for less than 5 mins it will turn amber when it reaches 4 mins. When the timer becomes 0 it turns red.

When the timer runs out of time it turns red and it keeps on indicating how much time was utilized. Also, when the timer reaches the amber state you get a snack bar notification indicating that 5 mins are left.

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