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Energetic. Responsive. Trying Harder. 2014, Here We Come!

Energetic. Responsive. Trying Harder. 2014, Here We Come!

Energetic, responsive, trying harder – those were some of the best compliments we received from our customers.  As one of them, who switched from a competing product to us, said, “It looks like you guys are always trying harder and better than the rest of them.” Absolutely!

Visual Requirements Management With Kanban

Visual Requirements Management with Kanban

There is a lot of attention given to Lean/ Agile product development teams around the work done and the (Lean/ Agile) processes adopted in by the Dev team once a set of features (backlog items) have been identified for a set of sprints (scrums) and/ or Releases.

How To Handle Tickets During Sprint Planning?

How to handle Tickets during Sprint Planning?

That was the question posed in a recent discussion. The question further provides the following details – “I work within an agile team. We have a released product and we are still working towards a future release. Every sprint we receive anywhere from 0 to 5 tickets to fix bugs in the released product. Our team is composed of software engineers (to handle new development) and maintenance software engineers ( to handle tickets).

Digite Contributes To Uttarakhand Relief Fund

Digite contributes to Uttarakhand relief fund

Digité Infotech, Pvt. Ltd. today handed over a check in favor of the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund (India) towards the efforts to rebuild and provide relief to the flood-affected regions in the North Indian states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The donation comprised a day’s salary of the company’s employees and was the result of a spontaneous move by the Digité employees to do something to help.

Digite Releases Swiftkanban 3.2

Digite Releases SwiftKanban 3.2

We’re back again with some small, but really useful improvements in SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick overview of the new enhancements added in SwiftKanban v3.2:

Swiftkanban 3.2 Is Here!

SwiftKanban 3.2 is here!

We’re back again with some small, but really useful improvements in SwiftKanban.

Swiftkanban 3.1 Is Here!

SwiftKanban 3.1 is here!

After we released our 3.0 version with a complete UI uplift, we were eager to add-on to it for a richer user experience.

Benefits Of Kanban: 300% Cycle Time Reduction!

Benefits of Kanban: 300% Cycle Time Reduction!

Over the last few years of steady-state usage of Kanban in our product management and engineering teams, we have achieved a number of dramatic improvements. Even considering that for us, it was – and is – a case of eating our own dog-food, these improvements are nothing short of incredible for a small product company where every minute, every dollar, every feature that is value to a customer, counts! So, we thought we should share our experience and benefits with the software and IT community in the hope that some of these will help you benefit as much or more than what we have been able to do. This post is the first in this series.

My Big Fat Indian-American Thanksgiving – Kanban To The Rescue!

My Big Fat Indian-American Thanksgiving – Kanban to the Rescue!

Thanksgiving each year is a big occasion for our family and friends – to get together and eat, drink and be merry – and of course, be grateful for what we have! Yet, right before that, during the days leading up to it, there is a sense of angst that builds up as one question occupies the hosts’ – and the rest of the people cooking (we always do it Potluck) – mind – “What shall be the menu for the Big Day??!!”

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One of the important aspects of The Kanban Method is Class of Service (CoS). CoS is a risk categorization mechanism for any work item. We identify 4 Classes of Service – Standard, Fixed Date, Expedite, and Intangibles – depending on customer expectation, value and loss of business value identified as cost of delay. For this blog, cards that are classified as Intangible CoS will be referred to as “Intangibles”.

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