We are happy to announce a new SwiftKanban release, ver 1.4.3 that we pushed out over the weekend with several minor yet meaningful features and improvements.

Here is a quick snapshot of the features released in 1.4.3:

Additional Filter Option in Status Reports

The status report now has an additional option to display the metrics in different time-units e.g. Weeks, Days or Hours, based on your business need and the type of work you track. With this new option, you can now use the rolled up metrics such as Lead/Cycle/Work Time, etc. for cards and team members for better comparison and analysis .We have also cleaned up the report export a bit so that you now only see numeric values and do any further reporting with the data. Read More..

Clone/Delete a Card from the Board

If you want to create a replica of an existing card, you can now do it in just one click from the board without having to create a new card from scratch. All the card attributes are copied to the new card along with the To-Dos and attachments. The cloned card also gets linked automatically to the older card, retaining the source link. Read More..

We have also added an option to allow card deletion, right from the Kanban board, which earlier used to take a trip to the the Card List view or the Detailed view. You can delete the card right from the board based on your confirmation.

Improved Card Layout

In the zest of providing quick handy features right on the card, the icons just got too many and cluttered the card. So we decided to merge a few icons and only retain those which are more frequently used. The following icons are now merged under a new icon, i.e. ‘Settings’ :-

  • Archive Card
  • Clone Card
  • Delete Card
  • Move to Backlog
  • View Card Hierarchy
  • View Log

Only the following icons will appear on the card:-

  • Block/Unblock
  • Comments
  • Tasks
  • Settings

In the ‘Collapsed’ view of the card, following icons will appear:-

  • Block/Unblock
  • Options

Access Policy Information on the Board

A simple hovering on the Lane header now displays the lane description/policy that you may have defined for any lane/stage of your valuestream. This will help your team to quickly refer to the explicit policies defined for the lanes and handy to move cards accordingly. Click here to read more on defining the lane policy/description.

Easy Renaming of Smart Lanes

The renaming of Smart Lanes is now made consistent with renaming of parent lanes and nested lanes. You can just click the Smart Lane header to rename it instead of clicking the Edit icon on the Smart Lane toolbar, which has now been removed to reduce icon clutter.

Consolidated Export and Import of Cards

The ‘Backlog’ and ‘All Cards’ views now also have an option to import and export all the cards than individually exporting cards of various types. This has been enabled to improve the overall experience with the Import/Export process. The exported cards will be available in a separate worksheet for card types, as each card type may have a different set of attributes. Each sheet can be modified and imported back into SwiftKanban.

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